Wednesday, January 11, 2012

new year, new look

as you can see, i've refreshed the look of the blog a bit. what do you think? would love your feedback!!
  • with a year of projects under my belt, i thought it'd be nice to feature a few of the year's highlights in the header.
  • updated the logo (i plan to watermark my project pics going forward, and this font should allow me to do so from multiple photo-editing platforms)
  • a friendlier navigation by moving the archive menu to the top of the sidebar
  • moving the ads to the bottom of each post so they're less intrusive, instead of the upper right sidebar
have any of you switched to dynamic view? i like some of the features, but you can't customize your header yet, and that's a big deal-breaker for me.

anyone favor other platforms over blogger?


  1. I love the new look--it looks great.

  2. Love the new look! I use Wordpress now - I like it because it can do a lot but it's been tough to learn (more complicated).

    One thing to think about - I would love for you to have more than one post per page. When I go to your blog, I see just one post. I have to click "older entries" (or back or whatever) to see more - and then they're shown one-by-one. Would love to see several at a glance!

  3. Thank you guys for the feedback. K - I think the # of posts per page is something I was futzing with, but I appreciate the feedback...I know some posts are way longer than others, so I hate the landing page to bee TOO overwhelming. But I agree that a single post is too few. I'll play with it some more...continuous improvement, eh?