Sunday, January 8, 2012

happy hunter

one of the local bloomingdale's stores is closing its doors + their sale started today. we made sure to be some of the first to arrive, but were pretty disappointed. cricket's in the market for a winter coat + he's had is eye on a few. i was shopping for a wallet, maybe a pair of boots.

just about everything in the store was marked a whopping 10% off. excuse me? that's no sale. while cricket perused the men's section, i wandered to the shoe "salon." there was such a frenzy, and no wonder. the shoes were all 40% off. it was a madhouse. but i finally walked away with these babies.

thanks to my massive calves, they're the short version of the classic, in gloss gray. who are the people who have skinny calves? able to tuck jeans in and still have room for the boots to move about? not me. and since i expect to be wearing these in the summer, the thought of super-tight rubber rub-a-dub-dubbing against my calves wasn't too appealing.

a score at $70 (reg $115) have to admit it's a wellie good deal. sorry, couldn't help it.

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