Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 goals

i've always been a goal-oriented person, but i've never had a ton of success with new year's resolutions. so, this year, we're calling them goals. and, i'm no only writing them down, but i'm putting them out there to the universe. that makes 'em r.e.a.l.
cricket + i had time to work on our goals during the trip back from arkansas. i took some advice from financial advisor + friend wes moss, and we categorized our goals. then, we listed a handful of goals in each category.

here are a few of ours. there's definitely some low-hanging fruit, which helps us feel like we're accomplishing something. and there are some aspirational ones as well, since that's the purpose of goals + all.

  • reduce our piles of incoming mail. we're terrible about having multiple piles of paper stacked throughout the house. i'm sure there's some great inspiration out there to help us tackle this one.
  • figure out the art above the sofa. yes, we have several pieces, but nothing is hung. not one thing. decisions, decisions.
  • hang the porch swing i got for my bday in 2010. it doesn't match the current house paint...
  • paint the house
  • hang the gallery of family photos
  • close our inactive accounts
  • talk to a financial advisor and come up with a future plan. we attended Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University a while back, so we've got the basics. but we need a plan, stan.
  • build up some savings
  • cook at home more...no lazy ordering in. we like to cook, we just get lazy at the end of the day. saving this cash will help with our financial savings, too.
  • regular exercise
  • target & maintain a healthy weight
  • take a vacation to the beach where we don't have to do a single thing. not one iota.
  • walk Lula 2x/week
we also set goals for our careers, social, charity, and wedding business.

what are some of your goals for 2012? what's your plan of attack? any secrets to success?


  1. We need to talk and share resources! We LOVE our painter (if you're not going to DIY) - he does outside, too. And we're also trying to figure out the financial planning thing (did FPU two times - just need to get the plan together and work with an advisor, probably). eep!

    1. let's DO! we should grab lunch soon now that you're back, anyway. i need someone to hold me to it.

    2. Katy, if y'all are still looking for a financial advisor, let me know. We've been working with one for about a year & she's been a HUGE help getting us to put our plan in place!!!

  2. Great goals...best of luck with that. I only posted my "home goals". Your blog will definitely help you achieve all of them!

  3. J had the same problem with mail but just solved it! The solution is on my blog. Http://sharingcheri.blogspot.com. its under mail organizer. Best wishes on your goals!

    1. Thanks Cheri. Your organizer is great! Now I just need to figure out a spot to put something so that it's not in the way and not too outta sight, outta mind.

  4. Good goals gal, I think my goal will be actually post something in the blog you helped me start...but not tonight:)