Sunday, August 28, 2011

bachelorette party games

since the guest list included friends from all over the world [yes, switzerland was represented], it was important to have an icebreaker to kick off the weekend.

seeing that we were at a ranch, Texas sis + i felt everyone should first have a pink bandana on them at all times. it's like party flare. here we are at the ranch. yes, we match intentionally. it felt appropriate.

[texas sis + me ready for the ranch!]
a few other bandana highlights [we had regular paisley + pink camo options]. really, there are so many ways to accessorize with a bandana! which is your favorite?

[a headband]
[a necklace]

[a belt]

game #1: toilet paper gown
to start this game, the bride wrote a brief description of each girl on a piece of paper. Texas sis + i took turns drawing the descriptions to determine who'd be on each of our teams. as you can imagine, the descriptions often required a funny story to be told, all the while helping us all know a little more about each other.

once the teams were determined, the game began. the rules: using only 2 rolls of toilet tissue and your bandanas, design a bridal ensemble for the bride-to-be. you have 5 minutes + the bride will be the judge.

hilarity! that's all i can say. the winning design included a bouquet of TP roses, which the bride practiced tossing...

game #2: newlywed game
this is a fave of mine for showers + bachelorette parties. prior to the party, we asked the groom a handful of questions. everything from "when did you know O was the girl for you?" to "what is your favorite color?"
[bride-to-be in the hot seat]
as the bride opened her lingerie gifts, we posed those questions to her to see how many she could answer correctly. we made a drinking game of it--that way no one really loses. for every question she answered correctly, the guests had to drink. for those she got wrong, it was her turn.

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